Got some (hopefully) positive information regarding 9th edition.

This info come from a GW related source. What do they know, right? I am just repeating what I have heard.
So take this with a pinch of salt as usual. First off, possible release at the end of June/early July. Nothing new here.

Now, on how 9th edition will work. 9th edition won’t be one game as we know Warhammer now. There will be three
different playstyles. GW wants to add some of the elements that have made 40K so popular. Think kill-team, formations
and so forth. With the hope of fantasy becoming more popular. And the game will be played in three different time sets:
Pre-apocalypse, apocalypse and finally post-apocalypse.

The first part Post-apocalypse as in after The end times will be the skirmish part that we have heard of with round bases.
And with merged armies. This will be a small game. Think of it as a friendly start for anyone who has not played Warhammer
before. It will be fast (and easy) to play, cheaper because you need fewer miniatures (A couple of heroes, two five man units,
one monster and maybe some cavalry for example) and more dynamic. This will hopefully be a fun way to start, you don’t have
to spend loads of $$$ and paint a hundred miniatures.

The second part, Apocalypse will be The end times. Straight up with some 9th edition updates.

And lastly there will be the Warhammer we all know and love. Pre-apocalypse. This is the complicated game with lots of rules and
big armies. The rules won’t be 8th edition but close enough. You can call it a usual edition update.

This approach is for GW to broaden their customer circle. As it is now Warhammer is a hard game to just “dive into”. As mentioned
above it has loads of rules, is very expensive and requires lots and lots of miniatures. So the fresh start of Warhammer will be more
intro friendly. So this is GW’s attempt to make everyone happy. Because after all they don’t “want” to lose their current and very
loyal customers. May it be a painter or a gamer, or both!

And that is why the old Warhammer structure will live on as well. And your current armybooks will be more or less usable in 9th but
the new books will be with merged armies as I mentioned above. But how and when the books will be updated (or even IF there will
be updates) there was no mention of.

This is a smart move from GW (for once). Hopefully there will be many new players. And old veterans who already have armies will
likely get tempted to buy a small skirmish force with that cool looking faction you never started because you couldn’t afford/wanted
an entire army with. Win/win! And as mentioned in various threads yhe starter box will be (Super?)Humans VS Chaos(Khorne?)

Sounds very promising if true. As I said. Take with a pinch of salt.

Thank you for looking!