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Thread: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

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    The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    What "Lady"? Haven't you heard? there is no lady it always was an elven goddess whose only aim was to save one of them from apocalypse.
    Dead... Died in a horrible Nurgle accident while in Altdorf on a rescue/business trip
    Seriously man? You better sit down, let's start from the beginning... well, actually from the End.

    Hi everybody! I'm new to the Forum and this is the first time I post my work on the internet... What I wanted to share with you is my small but proud collection of Bretonnians, one of my favourite armies of all (end) times! I always loved the grim, filthy,vicious and ignorant look of their peasants and the grim, filthy, vicious, ignorant and ARROGANT look of their masters... Why did I decide to do it? Well, the End is near, didn't you hear? and it doesn't fit the flower of fair Bretonnia to just disappear from the scene without a last thunderous parade/charge.

    This is the army I've started collecting a couple of years ago when I moved to Chile to complete my studies (if there is any chilean among you, may the Lady bless your wonderful country!!) and to avoid feeling too far from home, I brought with me from Italy my brushes, my colours and a fair amount of plastic and metal 5/6 ed bretonnians, carefully collected during long months spent hunting on ebay...

    Since I am a VEEERY slow painter and I like to put as much attention and time as I can on every single model, you will see why completing this small force was a great achievement for me, one of which I am pretty damn proud of! I spent years trying to complete an army and I always failed, my inspiration driven away to other projects, new models and, Lady forgive me, real life... This time I was determined to make things differently!
    Since I knew I couldn't trust myself on painting huge blocks of models without boring and quitting I studied a method which I found very helpful and hope might inspire some of you to do the same!
    The idea comes from the French Ordonnances, a late medieval military unit which was composed of, quoting wikipedia: "a centre of knights with assisting pages, archers, squires and men at arms"... Taking this idea I decided my army would form around different small "Ordonnances" representing the feudal levy every noble knight would bring to battle... Every group is composed by
    - a Knight of the realm
    - 2 men at arms
    - 2 archers
    -1 mounted squire
    they all share the same coluors (although only the knight will bear the full heraldry of his house) and form the backbone of future expansion of the army.

    Sooo... Without further ado, I present you the first of my ordonnances!
    All hail Leutard de Barfleur and his brave men!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Leutard, bastardo di Barfleur.jpg 
Views:	1641 
Size:	318.2 KB 
ID:	209501Click image for larger version. 

Name:	arceri di Barfleur.jpg 
Views:	1044 
Size:	330.2 KB 
ID:	209502Click image for larger version. 

Name:	armigeri di Barfleur.jpg 
Views:	967 
Size:	329.8 KB 
ID:	209503Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rulfe le Cochon, balivo di Barfleur .jpg 
Views:	922 
Size:	253.5 KB 
ID:	209504
    From left to right: Leutard, the "bastard" of Barfleur, two Barfleur's archers, two barfleur's men at arms and finally Rhulfe "Cochon", the very unpleasant bailiff of Barfleur...
    As you can see they are all painted in the same tones, I always preferred a "realistic" palette, trying to give my models that battlefield feeling without pushing too far and covering them in mud&blood. For the knights I used the metal Perry AWESOME sculpts of Questing Knights 5 ed, which i feel match perfectly the aesthetic and look of Bretonnia as represented in the marvelous artwork of Karl Kopinski on the 6 ed book... the horses are the "actual" plastic ones with the fabric shield on the caparison sanded off (I hate when they try to tell me where i have to paint my heraldry, I always preferred to colour outside the lines) Nothing to say about the archers but I did put some conversion efforts into the men at arms, transforming their rectangular pavises into more fitting (in my opinion) triangular infantry shields (source of inspiration were the castle's garrison shields in the movie Ironclad).
    As I said the colour scheme is quite simple and i kind of maintained it as a code for the entire army... creamy white, dark red, natural colours and a dark and filthy feeling to it, obtained adding battle damages on the shields, sprays of blood, layers of dust on the caparison, etc... for the one of you with keen eyes you may have noticed that all the small shields on the knight's caparison and armour were painted with the same colours and motif of the men at arms shields... that is because I didn't want to give the peasants the hounour of carrying their noble full heraldry (they don't deserve it, they are just scum) but I wanted to tie them visually to their master... so I decided that every knight should have two heraldries: his personal one, that only he can wear and the feudal blason, which will be carried by his subjects... I know there is no historical precedents but this is fantasy, isn't it?
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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Second ordonnance, this time I present you Sir Turolde de Aigue Morts and his loyal subjects
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Turolde d'Aigue-Mort.jpg 
Views:	966 
Size:	327.2 KB 
ID:	209505Click image for larger version. 

Name:	arceri di Aigue-Mort.jpg 
Views:	706 
Size:	333.6 KB 
ID:	209506Click image for larger version. 

Name:	armigeri d'Aigue-Mort.jpg 
Views:	749 
Size:	309.5 KB 
ID:	209507Click image for larger version. 

Name:	valvassini2.jpg 
Views:	767 
Size:	379.8 KB 
ID:	209508
    A bit more green stuff work this time. the top of sir Turolde's helm (I believe the word is crest) is resculpted to represent an eagle, the same symbol on his heraldry... the legs are from the 6 ed metal lord with axe (duke baldwin of brionne) while the body is another questing knight by the perrys. I forgot to tell you, all the lances comes from the plastic knight kit since i always hated the bending effect of metal spears and lances (and don't even get me started about finecast). I also filed all the reins of the horses to get rid of the clumsy "plastic parallelepiped" on the neck of the destriers. Now that was a REAL pain in the a**, but in the end it was worth the effort if you ask me!

    You may also notice the squires in this case are 2, well that is just because I forgot to take a picture of every single one of them... Turolde's squire is the one on the left with the enclosed helmet (a very simple greenstuff work)

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    And a third Knight and his fellows... this one is called Sir Piers, Viscount of Bragillon, and he is the champion of my KotR.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Piers, visconte di Bragillon.jpg 
Views:	854 
Size:	308.1 KB 
ID:	209510Click image for larger version. 

Name:	arceri di Bragillon.jpg 
Views:	560 
Size:	340.4 KB 
ID:	209511Click image for larger version. 

Name:	armigeri di Bragillon.jpg 
Views:	559 
Size:	321.4 KB 
ID:	209512Click image for larger version. 

Name:	valvassini2.jpg 
Views:	500 
Size:	379.8 KB 
ID:	209513
    Again the knight is a 5 ed one with some greenstuff work on him, this time I can even show you the wip!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2992.jpg 
Views:	823 
Size:	269.1 KB 
ID:	209514
    But don't get used to it because this is the only wip picture i took
    Enough for now, I'm off looking for job in the great city (just moved to London and need cash to survive in this money pit city
    I leave you with a group shot of the three ordonnances together, ready to kick some greenskin/chaotic a**!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Per il Re!.jpg 
Views:	859 
Size:	475.6 KB 
ID:	209515
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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    More please

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    One of the best painted and converted Brets I've ever seen, made me want to throw my Bretonnians away.

    Splendid work!
    My Bretonnians , my AoS stuff, my other stuff, and my terrains

    ... and my blog: Nerdworkshop

    Don't worry be Happy!

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Thank you guys! I really appreciate it!
    Grain Weevil, it's funny that you say that since your Guardians of the Guerac Circle had been a powerful source of inspiration for this army
    Anyway, here comes more of them!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Mogeno della Fiamma.jpg 
Views:	781 
Size:	274.7 KB 
ID:	209534Click image for larger version. 

Name:	arcieri di Orcher.jpg 
Views:	477 
Size:	355.9 KB 
ID:	209535Click image for larger version. 

Name:	armigeri di Orcher.jpg 
Views:	528 
Size:	367.5 KB 
ID:	209539Click image for larger version. 

Name:	valvassini3.jpg 
Views:	482 
Size:	350.6 KB 
ID:	209541
    This time I present you Sir Mogen of the Flame, lord of Orcher and his faithful servants... Sorry for the crappy pics, I don't possess a very good camera and my knowledge of photography is pitiful at the very best...
    Mogen is a pretty simple conversion, I just resculpted the top of his crest since it was a bit funny the way it looked before (it looked like kermit the frog, who among you know the 5 ed questing knights knows what I mean) and now it pictures a pretty menacing dragon! I was very pleased with the way his heraldry turned out, it was taken from the bretonnia book and carefully freehanded 7 TIMES on the model! (just like the rest of the heraldries of the army actually, I never liked decals)

    Sir Mogen is followed by sir Childeric de Montfort, a very poor knight whose family couldn't afford the great expense of sending their son to war with a proper caparison... He gladly charges in battle to avoid hearing his fellow knights laughing about him... poor, poor Childeric...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Childerico di Montfort.jpg 
Views:	623 
Size:	292.7 KB 
ID:	209547Click image for larger version. 

Name:	armigeri di Montfort.jpg 
Views:	465 
Size:	367.0 KB 
ID:	209544Click image for larger version. 

Name:	arcieri di Montfort.jpg 
Views:	412 
Size:	409.1 KB 
ID:	209545
    And he doesn't even have a squire!
    After him we have the proud standard bearer of the unit, Sir Ademar de Puy, still uncompleted without his banner at the moment in which the picture was taken... but don't worry, you'll see him again!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Ademaro de Puy.jpg 
Views:	843 
Size:	472.3 KB 
ID:	209548
    You might notice that Ademar comes without his loyal Ordonnance... that's because at this point I got tired of painting in small groups and kind of rushed things a bit to see them all ranked up and ready for battle! here you have them!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	battaglione 16:8:2013.jpg 
Views:	862 
Size:	492.6 KB 
ID:	209549
    And the mistery is finally solved! YES, the horrible background I was using to take my pictures was just a cut cereal box... you see? THAT'S how bad I am with pictures
    Speaking of which I have some questions for you... can I enlarge the view of the photos so that you don't have to click on them every time you want to see them? They look very small as they are now, but maybe is a matter of pixel and has nothing to do with warseer... admins?
    Another thing, how can I put this thread in my signature? You know, just like you Grain Weevil, I can see your plog link just under your profile!
    thank you very much for looking, is great to feel part of the warseer community! More bretonnians coming tomorrow!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Childerico di Montfort.jpg 
Views:	466 
Size:	294.0 KB 
ID:	209546  
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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Wonderful work, sir !
    Cool conversions, and top painting make them one of the most awesome Bret army I've ever seen !

    And as a Bret player myself, I welcome you in my "End of Time" nightmare... ^^
    My blog of commission work and personal armies =>

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Never has the urge to throw all of my Bret minis in a vat of simple green been stronger. Well done, beautiful work all around

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    You deserve the holy grail!

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Bretonnian plogs are my favourite, and this is one of the very best Fantastic work all round - this is how Warhammer fantasy should be!

    For the photos, if you use a photo-hosting site then you'll be able to get full-size pictures in. I use Photobucket but there are plenty of options.

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    What a wonderful log. Great painting, converting and back ground. I shall be watching this grow. I particularly like the fact that Childeric de Montfort dosen't have a standard horse. Very cool.

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Wow, thanks a lot guys! Tancrede, your work is amazing, it really was (and is still) a great inspiration for my army!
    Time for another update and a warning to everybody... as I told you I recently moved to England and I couldn't bring myself to move my collection with me, because I remember all too well what happened to them when I brought them back to Chile (I was about to cry when I opened the luggage and found them all piled upon each other:skull... So these pictures I'm posting are just the ones I took last year just before coming back to Italy... The army as it stands now is a little bit more consistent, but I don't have pictures of all my knights with me and I won't be able to upload them until I go back to my house, which might take another month at least... similarly I didn't bring with me any bretonnian mini to paint while here in london, even if I possess a fair amount of them still unpainted and waiting for attention, many of them all 4/5ed leads!
    So if you want more you might have to be patient and wait until I manage to come back and fetch them... I really feel the urge to paint some bretonnians right now, especially knowing that they are almost certainly being squatted! Our bretonnian armies will become RELICS of the good old days!
    That said, let the parade continue!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chevalier Sir Robert de Morainjasse.jpg 
Views:	669 
Size:	438.0 KB 
ID:	209584
    Meet Sir Robert de Morainjasse, nephew of Viscount Piers de Bragillon and trumpeteer of the regiment... Robert shows a pretty simple heraldry of red and yellow... funny thing was that I didn't have a yellow with me in chile, just a yellow ink! so the yellow on his heraldry is actually a cream white over which I painted many thin layers of yellow ink... I must say that I was positively surprised by the result!
    Now a picture of the first seven knights completed:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lancia.jpg 
Views:	653 
Size:	497.5 KB 
ID:	209585
    I remember that moment! I was thrilled because I had almost completed my first lance of knights! you see by limiting the colour palette to 5 colours: black, white, red, blue and yellow you can actually obtain infinite combinations and pretty flashy knights! I decided to avoid using green on the knights (but I did use it A LOT on my peasants) because of a story I read on one of the BL books about Bretonnia... It explained that bretonnians knights avoid wearing green because it is the colour of the Fey Folk of Athel Loren and superstition has it attracting the dangerous attention of the Fey on whoever wears it! I thought this legend fit perfectly the idea of a bretonnian society which still lives of ancient superstition and ignorance!
    Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the last knight of the lance alone, so I will just upload the lance and you will see him in the second rank (he has a bull heraldry and crest)... Enjoy!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lancia ultima.jpg 
Views:	702 
Size:	405.5 KB 
ID:	209586Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lancia ultima 3.jpg 
Views:	617 
Size:	424.4 KB 
ID:	209587Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lancia ultima 2.jpg 
Views:	638 
Size:	463.3 KB 
ID:	209588Click image for larger version. 

Name:	magimagia.jpg 
Views:	490 
Size:	320.5 KB 
ID:	209589
    Just for record... the banner you see is NOT the actual one... Although the design and heraldry are pretty much the same (it's the heraldry of the champion of the lance) the final one is neater in both drawing and glueing (this first version was quickly put together just to get the idea)... Unfortunately, as i already told you, I don't have pictures of the actual situation... But I will upload them as soon as I get them!
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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Such a good painting!! Almost makes me want to do a Bret army as well.

    On the picture thing mentioned before, and the signature.
    Pictures, use a hosting site as suggested earlier. Photobucket or imageshack are 2 good places to try out. And when posting them here you should add [ img ][ /img ] but dont use spaces between the brackets.
    Signature can be changed in your profile settings where you changed your profile picture. Just write whatever you want. If you want to link to your project log like this one you can do almost the same as with the images [ ]What you want written here and it turns into a link, could also use a picture for this[ /url ]. And this should be written without the spaces between the brackets as well.

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    thanks a lot warmtamale and Bappel, I'm going to try to fix those things later

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Had to sign in for a comment! One of the best Bretonnian Armies I have ever seen, makes me want to paint mine.... I kinda hate you know because you sucked us in with those great Dudes and now we have to wait at least one month for more :cries:

    Edit: check your PMs Hagen if you find the Time
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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Amazing paint job on those knights!

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Amazing stuff! The heraldry is the best ive ever seen by far. Simply first class.

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Of course Theatralic, I know your plog very well and I gladly share info and advices with all of you guys following my thread...
    About my painting technique it is actually as old school as my models... I just use brushes (windsor and newton serie 7 for the BEST), no airbrush, although I do possess one but am too lazy to learn how to use effectively, and gw colours, which I always found very good, no reason to change for new ones I suppose...
    Since I live my last years on the road I learned how to work with less equipment, so I rarely use a primer (I mean a spray) since I'm not alloud to take it on a plane... therefor my base colours are almost always given with a brush, maybe longest but definitely safer procedure, since I learned not to trust sprays (I find them rather difficult to control but maybe it's just me). The colour I chose for the base varies depending on which project I'm working on at the moment, for the entire Bretonnian army I chose to use Mournfang Brown (the old Bestial Brown) as base colour for both knights and peasants... I found brown is a great tone for most colours to start with, it easily support reds as well as whites, provided the necessary patience to layer them carefully... I am a strong supporter of the "new" gw 'base' colours since they really cover quickly and effectively big areas of the models and avoid to blend too much the transitions between dark and brighter colours)
    One of the tips I can give you is stolen (inspired I should say) by one of the greatest masters of miniature painting, Jakob R Nielsen (who doesn't know him and his works should really gouge his eyes out for penitence, or just take a look at his website and gouge his eyes out all the same for not knowing him before): if you want to set a mood in a mini you just have to paint it ALL with the same colour. That doen't mean you have to deep the mini in the colour pot, but that you have to ADD A TINY BIT OF A PARTICULAR COLOUR to all the other colours of the mini... I for example wanted a gritty look on my bretonnian, something dusty or muddy, so I added a light brown (gw Baneblade Brown, great colour actually, I use it for everything) to the mix I used for reds, to higlight blues and blacks and to shade my whites... With this little trick you will set the mood of a mini or of a whole army if you want!
    The scratches on the shields and battle damages are al done in the same way: with a very thin detail brush I paint many thin lines with an INK (I use brown) which is very important because the shiny effect of the ink helps to perceive the deepness and gives the impression of a cut... then I highlight ONLY THE INFERIOR edge of the scratch with a very thin line of white (this must be done very carefully and with a good brush or will just look a mess).
    For the faces, for the record I love painting faces, I can give you another suggestion... NEVER use inks... I know, I might sound a bit harsh or extreme, but I always found that the shiny effect they often give, although perfect for other areas of the model like metal, just doesn't work very well on the skin. So when I paint a face I follow these very simple steps:
    1- base colour of brown (mournfang as I said)
    2- dark skintone (bugman's glow)
    3- highlight of bugman+rakarth flesh
    4- highlight rakarth flesh
    5- if i feel inspired an ultimate higlight of white on the very edges (in most cases non necessary)
    Very simple and unsurprising until here but then, once finished all the skin I washed some areas of the face (around the nose and mouth) with a very VERY thinned layer of dark red (I use old gw Scab Red, similar to actual Khorne red) which really brings the face to life!
    On the peasants it looks particularly well since it gives the impression of ruddy alcholic faces.
    Thats'it for today, Ill leave you with a picture of the eighth knight of my lance, which I found in a misteryous file on my hard disk
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9xc9 (1).jpg 
Views:	633 
Size:	250.6 KB 
ID:	209630
    Goodnight everybody!

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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Thank you so much for taking your Time and giving a rundown, really appreciated.

    I am really intrigued by your description. Especially about setting the "Tone" something I had heard before in a Workshop, smart, desaturates the otherwise bright colors and gives a lovely realistic look.

    Do you give the Horse Tabards a Drybrush or a wash to achieve that Smudge effect?

    Need to sleep over it and try to come up with a way to steal..I mean incorporate some of those Thinsg in my own stuff ;P.

    Cheers Traveller!
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    Re: The last cavalcade of Bretonnia

    Morning everyone... Found some horrible iphone pics of some of my recent addictions to my brets... Hope you like them.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141021_171958.jpg 
Views:	633 
Size:	282.1 KB 
ID:	209667Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141021_171627.jpg 
Views:	589 
Size:	309.7 KB 
ID:	209686Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141023_133054.jpg 
Views:	360 
Size:	181.0 KB 
ID:	209668Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141006_123047.jpg 
Views:	356 
Size:	268.0 KB 
ID:	209669
    I'm sorry I don't know why they are rotated... Anyway these are part of a little warhammer fantasy roleplay project, I've done them for a campaign called "the Spring of the red lilys" which I am conducting as AdG with some friends... The main story is about a peasant revolution in the heart of Bretonnia, led by the playing characters and aimed to overthrone a cruel and despotic count and avenge some terrible secrets in the past of the feud.
    the first character is Lord Bregold de Malemont, an old and desperate questing knight who took his questing vow not for glory or for a sip of the grail but to recover his only son, who disappeared 20 years ago while also on his quest... the lord of malemont is a sad figure, his every waking hours tormented by the idea that he will never know what happened to his young boy. He is also the main antagonist for the group but one who inspire more contempt than real anger in them, since they know the true destiny of his son: he was murdered on his very first day of quest more than 20 years ago by three peasants to avenge a terrible crime against the woman they all loved. his body and his weapons buried deep in the forest and this crime almost forgotten the three peasants move on with their lives until the recent events which bring back their ghosts from the past...
    The second character is Iblet "Farouche", one of the three murderers and one of the leaders of the rebellion in Malemont's feud. He is an old veteran of the count's garrison and will be a pain in the teeth for the nobles of the region...
    the third one (who you already met before) is Rhulfe, bailiff of Malemont and the highest rank peasant of the feud... he is a vicious, cruel and sadistic villain who would do whatever to hide his only real good action of his lfe: he was one of the three murderers of the young son of count Bregold, his very liege lord!

    The story goes on but for the moment I leave you with this... if you want to know more about the brave and probably doomed Red Lilys, I will find the time next week to tell you the whole story.
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