Having wanted one since they first came out I finally managed to get my hands on a Forgeworld Great Unclean One - Meet Barry!

He's an eBay rescue, in pretty good nick and the paint job was far better than the majority of rescues I've seen about the net.

So I gave him a bit of a clean in the sink

Ended up breaking off several parts and still didn't get all the paint off, but enough to get started.

Stuck him back together easily enough but had to do a little green stuff work on the wrist

Bit of primer and he's ready for some paint!

Bit of a look at the back details

Nice even base coat of Rakarth Flesh

Got a bit excited and forgot to photograph a few steps here. He's had a few spots of various colours sprayed randomly and then washed with purple and brown for some variation.

Highlighting his face back up with Rakarth

Slowly working my way through the rest of the skin.

Overall so far a really nice model to work on, so much detail and he's absolutely gross.