40k now also have rules for three new bloodthirster variants
Let me be honest, I was never a fan of the old bloodthirster. He is a fast flying CC beast yes, but very narrowminded. In most melee encounters a LoC would do just as well, while having significant support and shooting capabilities.
Now we have two more variants, but are they a worthwhile improvement?
One has some improved shooting with a templates and a short ranged assault weapon, while the other gained a melee weapon with Strength D, that must strike at I1.

The one with improved shooting seems slightly better, but it remains very short ranged, and still appear subpar compared to a LoC
Since my meta do not include the supertanks etc, I can't really find it worthwhile to sacrifice striking at I9 for I1 on a potential thirster. It matters little that you strike with Strength D if you are dead before striking.

What are your thoughts on the new rules for them? How do you plan on using them in your armies and why should I be exited to add one to my army (besides the very improved model of course )?