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Thread: [Inquisitor] Leander, 54mm scale Mars pattern Warhound scout titan

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    [Inquisitor] Leander, 54mm scale Mars pattern Warhound scout titan

    This is my project to build Leander, a 54mm scale Mars pattern Warhound scout titan. (No, I am not joking. Yes, I am mad).

    So, to handle some likely questions...

    - "Why?"
    There's various reasons. I've long had a love of the Mars Pattern Warhound and wanted to build one, but given I hadn't (and haven't) ever got into Apocalypse, what eventually justified such a project was when I wanted something massive and eye-catching for Inquisitor to dominate any venue we were holding an event in. At whatever scale, it was predominantly going to end up as a display piece (and at this size, it'll be more striking in that role), but this way it'll (oddly) probably get more games. There's no way the Inquisitor community are letting let me build a 54mm scale Warhound and then not giving them a chance to have a climatic duel on its top carapace.

    - "It'll just murder everyone!"
    Leander will only ever be GM controlled in games, and she's probably best thought of as very dangerous mobile scenery (but she may be mostly or completely static in some scenarios, depending on the plot). She's not intended to come into direct engagements with the player characters (but if they want to start one, they'll get a warning shot. If they want to continue one, she'll finish it) and to instead be a part of the game that the players have to think around rather than resort to force. As such, set-in-stone rules will be thin on the ground - her impact on the game will be basically defined as "whatever makes the right story". Blowing up buildings, murdering NPC goons by the dozen, letting the player characters get away with just minor wounds from near misses, whatever.

    Still, she is being handled as much as a character as any of my other Inquisitor models, and already has some of her background written.

    - "Leander? Titans all have fancy two part High Gothic names, not ones from Greek heroes."
    I'm something of a steam locomotive enthusiast as well, so her name is taken from an LMS Jubilee Class that I'm somewhat fond of - which will also be influencing her colour scheme and some of the dates in her background. (And yes, I know I'm using the female pronoun when it's named after a male Greek hero, but the same is the convention for the locomotive in question).

    In any case, the way I see it, when you're building a 54mm scale Titan, you get to call it what you like.

    - "What's the project goal?"
    The objectives are poseability, LED lighting, and a few motorised parts. Some armour panels will be made interchangeable so eventually she can be used to represent a more generic (or traitor) Warhound, but I'm not certain I'll do the same with the weapons. It complicates the electrics, and would have very little impact on the game.

    - "Why haven't you shown us pictures yet?"
    Fair enough. She's a very long running project, many of the early stages were not documented and I'm often redoing a lot of my earlier work as I become dissatisfied with it, so you'll have to hit the ground running to follow this, but here we go...

    An early test shot from 2012:

    The same, just from a scarier angle:

    Battery box - there'll be two of these (both modified for 3V parallel) hidden behind the reactor exhausts. Aside from powering the electrics, these are also helping balance the upper body.

    Start of new head armour - the original used too much Milliput and was going to make the model front heavy:

    Various shots of me building the skeleton for the plasma reactors:

    Assorted (but not exhaustive) parts as of February 2015:

    Going back on an earlier decision, I gutted the Megabolter and motorised it:
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    Project log - Leander, 54mm scale Mars pattern Warhound titan

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