I have finally finished updating my Exodites Codex for 7th Edition 40K. A lot of feedback from many helpful people has been considered and often incorporated into this new version. I would especially like to thank Wyldhunt for all the playtesting and suggestions, they were most helpful!

I must confess, I sort of went a bit overboard on the Lord of War choices, seeing as there are four including Gargantuan versions of the Megadon, Carnosaur and Pterasaur. (I also moved the Carnosaur-riding special character to a Lord of War). I figure if any army should have access to Gargantuan Creatures, it's Tyranids... But the next most likely is the Exodites riding truly colossal dinosaurs.

As always, I am eager to hear your feedback, especially if you find things that don't make sense or that you believe are errors. I try my best to at least address concernts and explain my thinking, though I often make changes based on suggestions as well, so fire away! (But keep it contructive!)

You can download the PDF from either Scribd.com or Box.com using the links below.