To go alongside restarting a 40k log here and a desire in the PP discussion forum for more Privateer Press threads here, this is my all encompassing PP thread. PP stuff is getting painted all the time and running multiple threads for each army would drive me mad so I'm putting them all together.

My old PP stuff was in my old painting log which can be found here and even older here

My PP armies are as follows:

Khador - pretty Winter Guard heavy and getting respruced up because some of it was painted a while ago. I've also slightly modified the paint scheme from straight black and gold to incorporate a bit of dark red.

Cygnar - blue and bone scheme is being introduced, so again getting repainted. I'm trying to give up buying them to concentrate on other stuff, but still got a fair chunk.

Trolls - my main Hordes army. Some repainting going on as I've gotten better at doing the skin, but lots of tartan and trying to keep up so there isn't a metal back log like there is on everything else.

Magnus - the true Cygnarian patriot - I've been playing an Agenda army and now playing Tier 4 lists and going to be adding more Steelheads into the mix.

Retribution - the new elves on the block and I've made it difficult for myself by painting them all white. Again I've been developing as a painter as I've worked on them so the white is getting better.

Searforge - the Dwarves. Utilitarian, but with added Polar bear and drunk ogryns.

Pirates - pretty much finished now. I may add some more jacks later, but Pirate stuff that I will be doing is for Freebooter's Fate, the new game from Freebooter.

Plus random other Mercenaries.

Ok on with some tasters of the armies and I'll try and show some of them off whilst I'm doing new stuff.

Beast 09 - first of the new colour scheme for the Khadorians.

My converted Phoenix Myrmidion for the Retribution. My other Myrmidion is magnetised to be either a Hydra or Manticore. I'm planning on picking up a third and magnetising that as well, but will probably not go for a straight white scheme on it.

Plastic Fennblades. Loved them and they got me to go back and buy another unit of Kriel Warriors which are next on the troll list to paint.

And for the Searforge

Their polar bear warbeast ally.