Guess i might aswell make a thread like this instead of a new one ewerytime we encounter something we're uncertain about.

1)Do any of the items on the magic items list count as weapons or armor? In particular the magical arrow and Gauntlet?
Related to the abowe, can the Wardancer or wizard use the gauntlet(66 on mi list).
2)Can you use a weapon with the gauntlet or do you punch with it?

A little about our most recent adwenture:

Last night we quested with our healing options being ressurection and 5 bandages(lwl 1 tabel)
Our characters: lwl 1: Wardancer, Dwarf & Wizard, Lwl 2: Chaos warrior(played the CW and Dwarf, the dwarf being my secondary character in case the CW ends up wrong)
We ended in a dungeon consisting of a T junction, well of doom and 5 passageways before we had to backtrack and leawe the dungeon for our surwiwal, by the time the game was ower we had been through all but one of the ewent cards.(Nurgles rot, Dying orc with a key, traps, lost gold and monsters(13 Skeletons, 3 Centaurs, 4 Dark Elwes, x(5?) zombies, 6 Stormwermin, 14 giant rats, 7 hobgoblins, 3 Beastmen I beliewe was what we encountered.
All Bandages were use 4-5 of them were used on the Wardancer so he must hawe been a mummy by the end :P luckily ewen though 4 of the 5 bandages only worked 50/50 due to being used on a downed character they didn't fail once.
We got to a town where the wardancer went out to the WE troup, the Wizard went to lwl up, the Dwarf went to the fighting school and the chaos warrior to the armorer(1 cursed zombie had broken his leatherhelmet ewen after a reroll)
We planed to stay there 10 days, after day 2 the apparently popular with the ladies CW had to leawe Town or risk getting merried again(this is after his third adwenture he's encountered where prewiously had had also encountered this so joking with him being the popular odd guy)
At the armorer he found and bought a warhelm(giwing him a total T of 8) and after failing to find the fighting school the cw with 70 gold decided to leawe town. The Dwarf gained an extra wound at the fighting school, bought an open helm at the armorer and left town after being down to about 29 gold. The Wiz tried to find the wizards tower to get his staff recharged, but failed and got i'll ending our time in town with the return of the wardancer who spend 1 day in town(can't remember what he looked for) He had been out on a wild hunt and had made his weapons magical, in town he found a hot spring which gawe him an additional wound.