Hi all.

I'm working on a WHQ version II, based loosley on skyrim. I think I've managed to transfer most things across, but sneaking is puzzling me. How would you guys go about using some sort of sneak option.

Here's my thoughts;

Give each character a sneak rating - Halflings are good at it, Ogres are not, for example.

You cannot sneak in heavy armour.

An undetected warrior cannot be shot at by enemies using ballistic weapons

Magic users can sense peoples energies. Sneaking with a magic user on the same board section is at -2

To sneak up on a monster you must approach from an angle not in its eye line (same as how ballistic shooting works). You have to make a successful sneak roll for each square away that the monster has in initiative. I.e. a monster with initiative 2, you only have to roll when moving within two squares (and then again when moving into an adjacent square).

Successful sneak attacks get +1 to hit and do double damage. (There will also be skills that can increase this too).

Any thoughts?