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Thread: Questions and little info on our campaign

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    Re: Questions and little info on our campaign

    We're now level 6
    Mostly satisfied with what i got this time from the chaos gods, I got a "blade of disenchantment" & "Regeneration" as well as a chararistics increase which unfortunately was +2 w(so now i got 37 3 more than our barbarian), I really really badly need to get something offensive since for max dmg i am to use my battleaxe or warhammer with my S3(5) and A1(3 when frenzied)
    Also recently became an alkoholic after visiting the chaos temple.

    Question time:
    Can the Chaos warrior throw spears and throwing axes?
    He doesn't want to use missile weapons, but he can use these in close combat, and given his BS could be pretty good at using them.

    As for our latest quest:
    We named the theme of the quest after play as usual depending on what we encountered, this time it was "movement penalty" with us meeting Gorgons twice, beasts of nurgle once, Coocatric once and the drop from the first set of gorgons being +1 M boots :P
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