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Thread: Space Hulk - First Edition - Battle Report

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    Space Hulk - First Edition - Battle Report

    Well with it being the Bank Holiday weekend my girlfriend kindly agreed to play a few games of toy soldiers with me. Frankly I couldn't be arsed to set up the scenery for a game of 40k so I thought I'd break out the old classic SPACE HULK which never really gets played as much as it should!

    I had actually forgotten how much fun this game really is, and how quick it is to play! The feel of the old black and white rulebooks was particularly nostalgic

    I was particularly pleased that after all these years I have finally finished painting my genestealers and so could play with fully painted forces on both sides!

    We played through the first three missions from the booklet over the course of the weekend and had an absolutely great time!

    I let her be the marine player throughout and overall she won every game, but you know what...I had such a great time I didn't really care about winning or losing! What an awesome game!

    I'll definitely be playing it again in the future! I have done a much fuller battle report with loads more pictures on my blog:
    Please feel free to stop by and a have a look!

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