In the same style as the oldest... thread, what's the oddest figure in your collection?

1. Must be a gaming figure, not some weird tat you found in a tourist shop...
2. No conversions, that could be a whole 'nother thread...

I suppose we can include sightings of other people's figures, for the sake of completeness.

OK, to get the ball rolling:

Death Jester/Motley Maniac - unfortunately this one got lost, along with the blister pack it was still in. :cries:
'Mini-me' Eldar Avatar - and yes, that's a 25mm slottabase...
Somewhere, buried in a box, I have a post-apocalyptic London Banker with shredded clothes, gas mask, bowler hat and umbrella, I think it was a mid-Nineties Grenadier SF model. Must try and find it for a photo.

Chaos Toilet
Xmas Marines
Chaos Spiky Death Halfling