We all know that armour is pretty useless in Mordheim. I had an idea for how to make armour almost an essential part of the game.

How about instead of getting an armour save your armour modifies the to wound hit. Leather armour gives you the equivalent of +1 toughness, heavy +2. Shields would have to have a completely new set of rules otherwise the concept would become broken. gromril armour will also need to be changed.

For shields i thought they could give a -1 to hit bonus. as it makes more sense. I'd also add a rule that you can shield bash in combat with the same rules as a mace. Perhaps this would mean shields would need to be 10 gold though.

The other thing that would have change is black powder weapons rule. That could be easily changed to negate armour bonus. This would definitely make handguns more popular than crossbows though. perhaps an increase in price for them would be necessary.

axes cutting edge is -1 to armour bonus.

I see some possible pros and cons for this.

pro - getting armour for your captain would be more valuable than getting an extra warrior

pro- it would increase weapon variations. At the moment running around with two maces is pretty standard. Two handed weapons and halberds are almost never taken since dual wielding hammers is better math. Having this armour rule in the mix would make people think about trying for that strength bonus.

con- could make armour too OP.

con - high toughness characters that can take armour will become cc monsters, moreso.

con - some weapons would stop being used, bows would become pretty hard to use - on the other hand i feel this is more accurate since a guy in heavy armour and sheild should be hard to kill with a bow and arrow.

Any thoughts on this as a viable house rule?