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    Starting LOTR

    As asked in another thread:

    "With all that's going on in Fantasy atm I was thinking of starting the SBG, I know it's on its last legs also but there really is no other good high fantasy game out there at the moment. I've never played, what's a standard sized game?"

    So I figured it would be a good time to answer this, and more, about the LOTR franchise!

    Typical points match sizes


    With 500-750 being very common!

    I love 500pts as its a small, manageable amount of models - really quick to play - I would say this is a fantastic level for new players to look at.

    Once comfortable the sky is the limit but 1,000 is typically the larger end of the scale

    For eg, at 500pts I could grab 2-3 heroes and a small handful of warriors - my dwarfs are 3 heroes and 24 warriors

    Thorin, Balin, and Dwalin (from starter set)
    12 Warriors of Erebor (1 box set)
    12 Grim Hammers (1 box set)

    That's a 500pt army of just 27 models that I painted in 2 weeks!!!

    Cost wise I spent $80 plus tax on the army, and the Escape from Goblin Town box at $150

    The boxed set also got me the start of a decent collection of an evil army, some terrain, and a mini-rule book.

    The additional rules & points for the mods I downloaded as a free PDF from the GW website!

    But do take the following into consideration...

    The Hobbit Hobby is seeing its final days, the End Times are here!!!

    - Army books going out of print (just two left)
    - Some models gone out of print
    - No new model releases for the longest time

    But don't worry about it!

    1) Find some players! I saw a guy playing our GW manager before Xmas, asked if he wanted a game. Played him a week later, saw another guy painting LOTR minis - asked him for a game! We now have a solid group of 20 players with about 2-3 games a week going down, and we run tournaments and events (last one was a doubles event that had EIGHT teams!

    2) It's a fun, fun game! I've been playing Warhammer from age 10 and I'm now 38! I love Fantasy, I really do! But LOTR is just a simple, effective, and above all fun system! So much so it's my exclusive game right now

    3) Still an easy & cheap hobby - aim for 500pt warband and you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of the hobby!

    4) Great models and story - it's LOTR for Pete's sake!!

    5) Super relaxed and easy to collect - a legal army is made up of Warbands.

    A warband contains..

    A single Hero! That's all!

    You can choose to add up to 12 Warriors to that warband

    And you can take as many allies warbands as you wish.

    6) Play a demo game - best way to get your feet wet

    So just look at a faction that appeals, model/story wise and go to town!

    Feel free to post if your looking for second opinions or guidance!
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