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Thread: How much detail and lore will "Regalia" have?

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    How much detail and lore will "Regalia" have?

    Obviously, the new world, Regalia, isn't absolutely confirmed, but assuming that the Old World is no more and will be replaced by something new, how well fleshed-out could Games Workshop possibly make the new world?

    The Empire alone is filled with history and lore. The provinces each have their own developed flavor and there is a vast amount of in-depth information about them. Consider the rustic Stirland (my favorite province), with its green and yellow State Troop livery, the red Scarlet Guard, the green and white Stir River Patrol, and their black banners with a skeleton blowing a horn. The capital of Stirland is Wurtbad, and is known for its hot springs and its wine. The Elector Count is Albrecht Haupt-Andersson. The people are insular and old-fashioned, are mistrustful of outsiders, and have the odd practice of drinking warm beer. The Halflings of the Moot used to be part of Stirland, and the Stirlanders resent the loss of the Moot to this very day. Sylvania was gifted to Count Martin, and is now nominally part of Stirland, but is largely ignored except when the tax collectors travel there with an armed escort and ogre mercenaries. The cult of Morr has a heavy presence in eastern Stirland, particularly in Siegfriedhof, in order to keep an eye on the undead threat. Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc...

    I could go on and on about Stirland alone, if I cared to, but the point is that it is only one province of an overall army faction. The Old World benefits from lore accumulated for over thirty years. How could "Regalia" ever compete with that? Even if GW recycles certain lore with this apparent reboot, it can never compete with the highly established Old World. While I am willing to give Age of Sigmar a chance, my concern is that the game world simply won't hold any interest for me.
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