There have been several, some isolated, reports on who is getting their codex updated. I've been narrowing it down to 2, possibly 3, armies. I'm not going to make this a poll because we don't know for certain if these armies are even going to have any updates this year, but since some reports have been somewhat consistent about these armies, the 2 to be exact (I'll go over the 3rd later), it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see them come out before the year is up. Which are armies am I talking about? A Chaos army and Tau.

There have been reports about another Daemonkin army coming out soon. Of course, it could be the CSM codex Chaos players are eagerly, or nervously to some, are waiting for. Regardless of which one it is, something Chaos, according to some reports, is coming. When is a better question to ask than if, IMO. Even though no source has said anything yet, but if I had to say when it was coming out, it would be after the Age of Sigmar release. Probably mid September - mid October would be my guess, but I am in no way, shape, nor form certain of that. I'm just saying, to me, that would make the most sense since Age of Sigmar will be a big release. I would say expect some more reports coming out within the next few weeks with Chaos.

Now the Tau had been the more isolated reports. Though very little news has been brought up, the most recent set of rumors had suggested ne battlesuits are coming. A few commander variants and a Riptide variant had been reported a few weeks ago, and usually the new model range rumors normally end up being true. Along with it, a new codex that ends up on the 2nd or 3rd week of new releases. To top this off, and this one has been reported 3-6 months ago so it is dated a bit, a possibility of Kroot codex that's similar in size of the Harlequin codex. Again, dated, but I wouldn't rule this out yet. Kroot, back in the day, were very popular. In fact, if anyone remembers Chapter Approved series, there was a section that allowed for a Kroot army with their own set of rules, and, at least within my area, was very popular. Time will tell, though, if this release will ever happen. Whatever the outcome, we probably won't hear anything on Tau until Chaos is done.

Will these armies be next for certain? Not really. The reader's guess is as good as any at this moment of time. After Age of Sigmar is done, it'll become more clear on what's coming for the rest of the year. On the other hand, there might be releases 40k related coming out during Age of Sigmar. One thing is for certain, we know there's more stuff coming out for 40k before the year is up. So who do think is going to get their rules updated this year? Could it be Chaos and/or Tau, or someone else? Just to clarify, I'm not rumor mongering. I'm just going off of reports that came out this year, so don't start any rumors on here. But you guys know that. Ok, who's next on the list?