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    Re: New to Inquisitor

    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Donor View Post
    If you are new enough to =][= that you have not purchased any miniatures for it yet, perhaps it would be worth your time looking into Inquisimunda which has a relatively active community. The rules are retro-fitted down to the 28mm scale (meaning larger mini selection and cheaper prices)
    Inquisimunda wasn't really "retro-fitted" to the 28mm scale, given it's primarily the Necromunda rules with extra gang lists. (Well, that version is, anyway. I've seen others.)

    In any case, don't make the mistake of assuming I'm promoting only 54mm scale Inquisitor. Although I have a fondness for the 54mm scale, the 28mm variant is certainly the easier way to get into the game these days. (Not that 54mm is that bad. There are a lot of manufacturers out there - and it's also a lovely scale to scratch-build for).

    The real beauty of it is that you can convert 40K players since they own lots of miniatures already .
    I'd say "Maybe, but not that way".

    By all means, convince them to convert new models from their bits boxes, but Inquisitor and Inquisimunda are games where models should have character (particularly so for Inquisitor) and most of the models they could pluck out of their WH40K armies have been modelled as just another soldier in the ranks. Also, if nothing else, they'd be missing an opportunity to experience the kind of creativity these games offer.
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