Apologies as this is going to be a somewhat rambling army list. It's mostly a collection of what I currently have, and I am very much open to suggestions.


Daemon Prince
-Scaled Skin, Flaming Breath, Soul Feeder
-Helm of Many Eyes, ToTS, Dragonbane Gem
-Chaos Armour, Daemonic Flight


Exalted Hero
-Daemonic Mount, Barding, Halberd
-Burning Body
-Obsidian Amulet
-Ironcurse Icon
-Charmed Shield


18 Warriors of Chaos
-Command, Mark of Khorne, Shields, Halberds
-Banner of Swiftness

45 Marauders

-Command, Flails

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds
-Vanguard, Poison

5 Warhounds
-Vanguard, Poison


5 Knights of Chaos
-Command, Mark of Khorne, Lances
-Banner of Eternal Flame

5 Knights of Chaos
-Command, Mark of Khorne, Enscorcelled Weapons
-Gleaming Pennant

Approx 2100pts, aiming for 2400 currently.

I'm somewhat stuck. My original goal (besides finishing the models I own and fielding them as an army) was to put together a very classically themed Khorne force, very much on the lighter side of things (thus no casters).

My dogs are there to help control my Frenzy and give me some assistance in anti-warmachine and counter movement and I really like having as many units as I do. I'm a big fan of Warriors armies having multiple units of them, really just seems right.

My Knights are there because I own them, and I love the models (that I've put huge work into). I've got the one unit with lances and BoEF to go monster hunting, where that first round of combat is the absolute most important and where the extra Strength is a big help (against T5-T6 foes) over the Magic Attacks (instead with Flame to counter Regen). It seems a logical idea, while the other unit is just there to go in and tear weaker things up.

My Warriors are there because I have them and I've converted them and to me, they're the core of the Warriors of Chaos army. I kick around making the unit larger, but since I've chosen to go Khorne, more bodies on them seem a near total waste (as Frenzy only helps the front rank). One part of me wants to just make a horde of them to be my main block, but I'm just not sure on it. Their banner gives them a small boost of extra speed that they'll likely need

As for the Marauders... I've converted 50 Empire Flagellants into Khorne Cultists, complete with crazy sacks-over-their-heads masks and two handed axes. The idea seemed awesome to me when it struck me years ago, and it seems awesome now. Unfortunately with the current book taking a bat to the head of that idea, I've kicked around dropping the MoK from them (as a huge unit they get minimal combat benefit from it, but pay a maximal price) and have switched out the Great Axes with Flails (and if that's what I decide I'll re-convert them. Sigh.). As for what they do in the army? Die? I figure they will, at worst, give me bodies and space on the board to control, and when they die and break none of the rest of the force will care (being frenzied).

I'm really stuck on Characters for the army. To me, Chaos has the most extremely underwhelming characters. Each one is just a better Chaos Warrior for vastly more points. An naked Exalted Hero is the cost of 4 Warriors of Khorne with Halberds and Shields, with the wounds of two of them, the attacks of less than two of them, the same Toughness, the same Armour (less with the shield), the same Leadership... And then he gets more expensive. To me, it seems like it's extremely important to make sure the characters fill a niche in the force or provide an advantage that can't be found better elsewhere (ie another 4 Warriors, or two more Juggernaughts, or three more Knights, ect).

For that reason, I want one to be my BSB. His ability to help control my Frenzy would probably be worth it alone. The idea behind a Daemonic Mount instead of a Juggernaught (even though that's what it'll be modeled as most likely) is that the Daemon provides the T5 as well as the extra wounds. It's larger base displaces more models (thus lowering the total attacks of the unit and making it less effective), but by going 7 wide instead of 6 and putting the BSB on one corner, I will only be displacing one Warrior beyond the single base he would take up on foot (and instead of the 4 he would take up if I kept the unit 6 wide and put him in) and since it would be the one behind him, only losing 1 Warrior attack while gaining the mount's attacks and possibly the stomp.

The BSB walks in now with a 1+AS (2+ in combat), T5 and 3W, making him highly resilient in combat. The Burning Body allows me a 5++ against fire (might help) and the potential of wounding a regen monster before the rest of the unit gets to attack (could be extremely helpful). The Ironcurse gives the unit the 6++ against warmachines (might help, seems the best place to fit it on) and the Charmed Shield saves him from one Cannonball, while the Amulet gives him and the unit a ward save vs Magic (which, if it happens to be Flaming Magic like Lore of Metal, gives him a solid Ward save).

My Lord is the unit in there I am completely unsure of (and thus I don't actually own any model to use as a Lord). The Daemon Prince seems to add something the army wouldn't otherwise have (flying, single unit, another target, ect). A Chaos Lord seems like a copy of the BSB (if he's on a Daemonic Mount or Jugger he gets minimal benefit, if he's on foot he seems...underwhelming) and I really don't want to throw all of my characters into that one Warrior block, unless I was to make the block a horde (since it will be taking ridiculous fire at that point), so I'm left with the Daemon Prince. I'm very open to other suggestions here.

That leaves me with a bit less than 300 pts. I could throw in a caster and toss him with the Marauders (since they're not Khorne anymore), but they're not set up right for that...and I'm trying to avoid it. If I was going to throw a caster in it would be a level 4 and my general (by default). I could drop in a Chariot and some Horsemen, or a 3 man unit of Juggers, or make the Warriors a Horde. As I said, I'm very open to suggestions.