So with games workshop ending warhammer fantasy ( the traditional game with square bases not skirmish etc...blah blah) to which I've put thousands of dollars into as well as hundreds of hours painting my armies im upset to say the least. Recently me and 8 buddies of mine have given Warmachine a try. It is mind blowing at how much we enjoy this game largely based off the fact that were now supporting a company that doesn't revolve their business plan on how much money they can extract from the players. PP support competitive play with tournaments, constant erratas new free to download scenarios that are active in the balancing process of the game and well thought out balanced releases.

yeah so thats basically it, i posted to shamelessly plug Warmachine and to recommend any other fellow pissed off warhammer players to give it a try. You wont regret it. Cause its actually a gaming company, not just a model company which GW turned out to be.