With the release of the Dark Angels Codex we once again see a new book with zero new units in it.

This has been a trend we have seen a lot lately. If we exclude the Mechanicum and Harlequin books, which were effectively new armies, when was the last time we saw a brand new unit with a model released for a 40k army?

Dark Angels, Space Marines, Grey Knights, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Daemonkin and Space Wolves all had, unless I am mistaken no new units in them and the only models released were new sculpts of old minis.

The last truly new unit I can remember was the Tyranid Tyrannocyte and that was released a while ago now.

For example the last new Space Marine unit was the two AA rhino variants and that was nearly two years ago. What else could they add to an all ready unit heavy Codex?

All their sculpting manpower might have been put into the new AoS release for the last few years, but It seems to me that GW have run out of ideas for new 40k units and are just making new sculpts, am I wrong?