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Thread: Applying Point Cost to Age of Sigmar Models.

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    Applying Point Cost to Age of Sigmar Models. (All Armies Done)

    Hey all!
    First of all, I want Age of Sigmar to be a good game. I loved the earlier Warhammer skirmish games, like Necromunda, Mordheim and Gorkamorka, but I cant get over the no point cost system GW is trying to push on us, and I dont like the sudden death system...frankly, I hate it.

    So where to go from here? I have been designing various editions of the unofficial Warhammer Norse Army Book since 4th edition, so I have been meddling with point costs for a long time. I dont suggest my system is perfect, but it does provide a foundation, which can be developed over time...if you so desire. Keep in mind, these points NEED to be play tested and in no way balance AoS right off the bat, but its here for those who wish to play around with points and army building (Still need a Force Organization chart). I wasn't sure if I should share this or not, but if only a single gaming group finds this useful, its worth it.

    Instead of me making points for every army list, Id rather share how I go about calculating the points and you can do it yourself for your own army. See Link to download document bottom of post.


    POLLING SITE by Alti Elfi:

    Grim S.
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    The 9 Age Army Book: Norse Wolfborn
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