Hello All,
Although I do not post regularly on this forum I am a frequent visitor. I would just like to post my observations about the AoS games this weekend and the uphill battle that GW has with this product.

First, I played one game this weekend. I really enjoyed it from a boom, bash, smash point of view. It moved fast, and was able to take all of my models I really like, and enjoyed painting. Terrorgheists, Nagash, zombie dragon, etc. that being said it is completely unbalanced. My undead that I took would have equated to about 2500 points in the last edition. My opponent took about 2500 points of last edition models also. I rolled him up in 3 turns, and I could see the look on his face of WTF just happened. He actually attempted to play a old school game of maneuver and tactics. While I think this game is really designed to just move across the table and hit stuff. It seemed to lack even a hint of strategy of the old game, even in the older editions 4th,5th,etc..

My final verdict was that while it is fun to play, it lacks real substance that I remember from the old Warhammer. It plays to much like a board game and not enough like a tabletop fantasy game. I will probably continue to play it while picking up games of 8th in between. I WILL NOT be buying the box set, partially because I do not find either of the two armies in it interesting; partially because I do not think this product will be around long enough to invest money in. After shelling out probably more than 400+ for the end times books and some models I feel like games workshop dropped the ball on this and really misjudged their customers reaction to this. I think they could have kept the older fluff, probably the best part of the game, and used some of the more streamlined rules for combat, shooting, magic, and maybe even the skirmish style unit formation and not alienated the older community while trying to entice the younger audience.

Secondly, I saw my friend who runs the local GW store struggle all weekend to entice some of the younger kids to play a quick game and get some of the walk ins to play. It really didn't work, the allure of the tanks and big guns I think are just to much for a fantasy setting to overcome. Most people looked at the models then looked at the 40k ones and gravitated to that product. Also, he was struggling to get the older players to play the new game. In the afternoon he actually had to stop the playing of 8th edition so he could run some Demos of AoS on the tables.

After he got off we had a long talk over some beers at the Thai restaurant next door. He blatantly said that this was the worse product release he ever had seen, he had ZERO pre-orders for the game. He said the board games for 40k even got pre orders. While he wasn't ready to throw in the towel on weekend one he said that it didn't look good for this product. In fact he was a bit concerned about his job if he wasn't able to push any of these box sets. We both agreed that while the rules were okay, they lacked the tactical feel of really commanding an army. We also agreed that with the younger generation tanks, starships, and rocket launchers are just more attractive to young kids. While the models are cool 40k is just a more appealing product to the younger kids. We both kind of agreed that GW screwed themselves on this product by alienating the veteran players.

I hope this isn't repeating itself around the globe. I really did love GW's fantasy setting from before. It looks like a tragic ending to a great setting, but hey warhammer was always a bleak setting.