I'm not trying to start a critique of Aos thread, I just need a little help understanding army construction. Picking on my own Skink unit, the description says

A unit of Skinks has 10 or more models.
Some units wield Meteoric Javelins and
carry Star-bucklers. Others loose crackling
projectiles from Boltspitters and either
wield Moonstone Clubs or carry Starbucklers,
while some fight up close with
Moonstone Clubs and Star-bucklers.
So that seems to mean I have to chose one of the following (during army construction, I guess?):
  • Meteoric Javelins + Star-bucklers
  • Boltspitters + Moonstone Clubs
  • Boltspitters + Star-bucklers
  • Moonstone Clubs + Star-bucklers

So it's possible to field a unit with no melee weapon? I can accept the idea that a unit would not have a missile weapon but no melee weapon?

Thanks in advance for you help!