I just wanted to chime in with some quick thoughts. I have been into Warhammer since I was 13 (soon turning 26). And have played the 6th, 7th and 8th editions with a good few armies. I have read a lot of books by Black Library as well. So big Warhammer fan no doubt. However, I haven't actually had a game in about a year. And the reason for that is quite simple: A game is too much of a project to get in place. You basically need a whole day off to play a large battle, get there, transport the army etc.
On top of that you need to spend so much time getting the army in the first place (assembling, painting etc, don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed painting and modelling my 4000 points of WoC, but everyone doesn't have the time). This leads me to my point and why I support GW in their decision to more or less destroy Warhammer as I knew it:

For new-comers to the game, it is just too much work and commitment that goes into getting into the hobby, simple as that. I would not be able to get any of my friends into it of that simple reason. However, with the Age of Sigmar, Warhammer at least has a future. Warhammer as we knew it was slowly dying, and I don't think anyone who reads this text would wish for that to happen. So hopefully we will see new players get into the hobby and see GW prosper! I harbour no resentment whatsoever with this decision they made, I think it was a strategically sound choice as a company.

Any one else care to share my excitement? :-)