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Thread: To Freeze The Stars - A Harlequin Log

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    To Freeze The Stars - A Harlequin Log


    Hello fellow Warseer peeps.

    Back in the grim darkness of 4th edition I decided that the new fangled Harlequin models were sufficiently pretty that I should put together a small Masque, since I'd been a fan of the space clowns since their Citadel Journal list.

    For the colour scheme, I wanted to do something as little bit different (and didn't want to be over stimulated by all those pretty colours), so I took inspiration from the scheme on the left, from White Dwarf 328...

    ...and swapped the red for blue because the local GW was trying to offload an excess of Hawk Turquoise:

    For three editions my monochrome Harlequins bumbled along using counts-as Eldar/Dark Eldar rules, and mostly being reserved for doubles games (with quite some success, I might add), until all of a sudden Codex: Harlequins became a thing, and these guys appeared on the scene:

    I jumped on that bandwagon so fast, I started in the past!

    With my army now the Masque of Frozen Stars, I'ts time for them to get a spruce up and some reinforcements in the form of new toys.

    Here's the first repainted Troupe with Shadowseer and Death Jester:

    I'm not a fan of the new gold masks, but I concede that a bit more colour on the hair and streamers is an improvement.

    Only another 3000-ish points worth to go!
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