Hey all!

We had a small but really cool game last night that I thought I'd share.

Next time I'll take some pics too!

We used alittle short of 500 points each from the PPC comp:

My Chaos force consisted of:
Chaos Sorcerer Lord
10 Chaos Warriors
3 Chaos Trolls

My Dark Elves opponent had:
Repeater Bolt Thrower
10 Black Ark Corsairs w. Two Blades
Dreadlord on Black Dragon (!!)

It was a pretty scary look across the table when my opponent seized the first turn. The large dragon surged forward, leaving the corsairs behind. The bolt thrower picked off one Chaos Warrior, and my whole force lumbered forward.

The second turn, the Dark Elves won prio again. He flew the dragon over a tower in the centre of the battlefield, towards my chaos warriors, and the corsairs crept up ever closer to the side of the same tower building.
The bolt thrower shot another of my warriors, and then the dragon charged them.

In the combat phase, things went as expected, with four warriors hitting the dirt and no damage was done to the dragon.

In my turn, both the three trolls and their lord Throgg moved towards the dragon. Before that, my sorc tried to take a wound on the dragon with an arcane bolt but failed.
I managed a charge with both Throgg and trolls and the dragon suddenly found himself in danger.

I took three wounds off the dragon with Throgg, but the dragon took 2 wounds on a troll in return. The trolls managed to dish out two more wounds on the dreadlord, but the warriors couldn't pull through at all.

The next turn, Dark Elves won priority again! They moved the corsairs close enough Throgg to charge. The bolt thrower couldn't do anything since my sorc hid behind a pillar and we don't allow firing into combat.

The corsairs charged in, but the dreadlord attacked first, putting three wounds on Throgg and another on a troll. Throgg swinged his massive club at the Corsairs, killing 6 of them! They did one wound on Throgg in return, but then fled the field entirely. The troll and warriors did two wounds on the dragon.

My turn, and the trolls regenerated one wound, and Throgg one as well. My sorc took one wound on the dragon before the combat began. Next up, Throgg took three wounds off the dragon, and the dragon killed one troll and a few warriors. The trolls tried really hard to hit the dragon, but missed and then promptly fled the battle!

Priority roll again, and guess what - Dark Elves went first! The fourth turn, and we jumped straight to the combat - the dragon killed the rest of the warriors but couldn't scratch Thogg. In return the troll king took the dragon down with a mighty swing!

In my turn I knew I couldn't make it over the barren lands to reach the bolt thrower so I went into hiding with Throgg to regenerate him first. But then the game ended on turn 6 and we called it a victory for the chaos dudes.

Now, this was a low model counts game, and Throgg had some nice luck. But even though it basically became just one massive fight in the middle there sure is alot of tactics that can be made from buffing the right unit and attacking in the proper order. We both had a great time and will battle it out again with more models next time. And when we do I'll make sure to do a proper batrep with pics!