Hey all I could use some help brainstorming.

I was contemplating picking up the warlord and was thinking about actual FUN games to use it in and not the utter trouncing it would typically do in apoc vs anything not Eldar.

I was considering a campaign designed around it's weapons getting assembled into the manufactorum, Where if the mechanicum side wins = another cannon for the warlord building it up. Losing the match would lead to it being gimped/having less armor hull points and weapons ect. The weapons would be on the table and can be destroyed by troops during the campaign by getting into base to base with the weapon and dropping a specialized time bomb on it that the mechanicum still have a chance to deactivate. The start of the campaign I have kinda roughed out it's the end I need help with.

What would be an epic ending? Assuming the warlord is assembled with at least a couple weapons (it will default to a single CC weapon and no shoulder weapons if mechanicum lose every game leading up to it's build and have full armament of laser destroyers and cannons or whatever I want it equipped with if mechanicum wins every game).

I was thinking there could be like a 'network of energy' fueling this warlord and dropping a node means the warlord takes damage faster (1 node = void shields down, 2 nodes = weapons have get hot rule, 3 nodes warlord loses immunity to haywire and melta ect.). Should the warlord just be essentially seeking to survive and blow away it's enemies?

What are some of your scenarios that you have thought of for using a Warlord besides just smashing faces in Apoc?