And Total War: Warhammer is enough of a terrifyingly massive, fire-breathing, city-destroying Godzilla monster of a success, would it be possible for Kevin Rountree (GeeDub's current CEO) to bury his head in his hands and basically go - "OK, you guys know what? We're doing what Wizards of the Coast did with Dungeons and Dragons 5th!" and largely resurrect the Old World?

I mean, they could still keep the trademarkable names, maybe keep the concept of Stormcast Eternals though less as Sigmarines and more like... Chaos champions of the Empire or something, keep the Horned Rat as an ascended Chaos God and whatever else they feel they need to do in order to feel as if they haven't wasted the effort they've obviously put into AoS, but still largely reviving the original setting we've loved for 30 years.

I dunno, let's just pray... Pray to... well, Sigmar's obviously out, Ulric's dead and Khorne seems to be having too much fun curbstomping everything... You know what, let's pray to the God-Emperor. Pray that he comes to Sigmar's throneroom in Sigmaron, slaps him silly and screams, "YOU BLOODY IDIOT, YOU GET YOUR *********** **** BACK TOGETHER THIS *********** INSTANT!".

A man can hope, right?