Here is a recent list I've been digging up (get it?) models for:


Tomb King - Ogre blade, Armour of Destiny, shield

High Liche Priest - dispel scroll, extra level


Tomb Prince - great weapon, Glittering Scales
In chariot


3x Skeleton Archers - x10 (the High Liche Priest goes in one of these, centrally placed)

Skeleton Chariots - x8, FC


Tomb Guard - x29, FC, Halberds




Casket of Souls

Now, the plan is for the Tomb King to go in the Tomb Guard and advance up the centre, flanked to one side by the Necrosphinx and Warsphinx and the other by the Skeleton Chariots.

The 3 Archer units go behind this battle line, with the Heirotitan squeezed in to either side of the Tomb Guard behind the Chariots.

Casket of Souls hangs at the back and does it's thing.

Questions - I toyed with the Sword of Strife for the Tomb King as he will contribute more attacks that the Tomb Guard otherwise don't have access to. Defensively I also toyed with the Glittering Scales and a potion of strength in this combo.

What other combinations do people enjoy on Tomb Kings? Fencer's blades with glittering scales? Sword of anti heroes? Simple sword of might? Blade of Antarhak?

The Prince is adding combat power to the Chariots. However, perhaps he'd best be swapped with the King? Do the Chariots even need said Prince?