I posted this in the introduction forum, but I have no clue where that has gone and I dont think anyone will read it so im VERY sorry for the re-post!! :? But I really need help to clarify this!

Hi, I have been playing a lot of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition recently, specifically against one of my friends who plays Skaven. I personally play dark elves and we are relatively well matched, however I have a huge gripe with one unit which I do not believe we are using it correctly. The unit in question is the Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon. My opponent fields two everygame and they seem to wipe out about 400-500 point per turn, considering they only cost 90 points this feels very unbalanced.

Here are the rules we play them by:

My opponent rolls an artillery dice to determine the strength (between 2-10) no problems there

My opponent then chooses a place within 60" of the cannon to fire at, again no problems there

Then my opponent rolls a artillery dice to see how far it goes and how far it bounces. As we have been playing it; we use a small blast template that travels from the hit to the bounce hitting everything in its way at a random strength (between 2-10) that has no armor saves and causes D6 wounds.

This is where my problem lies, the way we play my opponent can hit through a large unit of spearmen potentially hitting 20-25 then passing through hitting another monster or chariot dealing D6 wounds.

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Can someone help me with this, are we playing the rules right? I mean potentially this cannon can can hit at strength 10 with no armour saves causing D6 wounds + shooting through potentially a whole block of men. Please help!