A cult of Chaos worshippers is threatening the village! Help root out the evil threat or plot the demise of the village and it inhabitants!

So what is this and how does it work?

This is a simple roleplaying game most commonly known as Mafia, Werewolf or Vampire. The players are randomly split into two teams and the aim of the game is to kill the members of the other team. Only the cult members know who are part of the cult and so the villagers must try to figure out who is a member of the cult and lynch them while the cult must kill off the villagers without drawing attention to themselves and their true motives.

Is it complicated?

No, not really. The game has two turns, day and night. During the day turn all the players will debate and vote on who they want to lynch the following night. The cult members will try to persuade the players to lynch an innocent villager but must be careful, if they are to obvious the villagers will start to suspect them and they could be lynched themselves. During the night a player will be lynched if he/she received enough votes during the day. Every night the cult will also assassinate one player of their choice. If any player has any special abilities these will also be used during the night.

Ok, so how do I play?

You play by interacting with the other players in the game thread. During the day-phases you can post questions to the other players, accuse them of being cult members, encourage other players to vote for someone, plead for someone’s life, discuss theories about who the cult members are etc. There are very few rules to this and you can pretty much post whatever you want, including lies. If you are a cult member you will often be forced to lie to hide your true allegiance. In the thread you and the other players will also cast your lynch-votes. The cult members will also PM each other so that they can plot behind the back of the genuine villagers. As the game progresses players will start to suspect each other of being cultists and you must use your wits and powers of persuasion to steer the lynch-vote in the direction you want it to go.

Some players might also have special roles that give them abilities. Examples of roles are The Witch Hunter who can investigate other players and learn their true identity, The Wizard who can protect players from the cults assassin or the Cult Framer who can cast suspicion on innocent players.

Sounds fun! Where can I learn more about this?

You might want to start with some of the links below, although google can provide you with plenty more. There are lots of different ways to play this game and many different rules and roles that can be used. The purpose of this thread is to discuss what rule and roles people would most like to see in the game.