I just played my first game of Age of Sigmar. Were playing the Watchtower mission in the recent book. My opponent was using the contents of the Stormcast Eternals part of the starter set. I was using:

Mannfred Von Carstein, Mortarch of the Night.
1 Necromancer
1 corpse cart
10 skeletons
10 zombies
8 Grave guard

Basicly what happened is that I used my magic to bolster my army greately. In the end it numbered about 30 skeletons and over 50 zombies. Not that it ended up mattering that much in the end because these units was so slow they got to the watchtower late. Mannfred however managed to charge the garrison turn one (Consisting of one unit of Liberators and the Lord Relictor) and managed to slaughter both at the end of the second combat round. Mannfred also fended of the assult of the Lord Celestant (Who rolled tripple snake eyes on his wound roll, lol). Mannfred killed the Lord Celestant as well, feaster of souls healing most of the damage he had sustained, just in time for the charge of the units of Prosecutors and Retributioners. The retributioners did manage to inflict a few wounds on Mannfred, but he pretty much whopped their ass when it was his turn to attack. The end result of this battle being that Mannfred had wiped out almost the entire enemy force by the time the shambling horde actually arrived.

Lesson to learn here, Mannfred is incredibly powerful, either I was lucky here or I did not actually need an army to fight this battle. I think one mistake my opponent did was that he pretty much fed his units to Mannfred one by one, maybe with a more focused effort he would be able to take him out. I think the Lord Celestant had the best change, but cause to really bad rolls he did not inflict much damage. Turns out my gamble by sending my general ahead of my army payed off.

In a very objetive based game though it seems the undead has one great weakness, their speed. It can be challanging to complete scenarios which require a fast capture. It was fortunate I did have one fast flyer as otherwise I would have wasted several turns just reaching the tower.

So, what do you think my opponent could have done differently to avoid such a crushing defeat? Or did I just misjudge the power of my forces and ended up fielding a force far more powerful than my opponent. Though that concluson would mean a single Mortarch is more powerful than 50 wounds worth of Stormcast.

I did use a mixed formation on the skeletons though, with hand weapons in the front and spears in the rear. Too bad I did not get to test them in action.
Balancing issues aside, this was a fun game to play.