Its the Final Countdown (de de der der, dedede de der...)

Nearly here, not long to wait and all that. However, nipped along to my local GW to enquire about reserving an Army box, as it can be tricky for me to get in on a Saturday. I work in town so popping in the following Monday is no problem, only to be told that they aren't allowed to save them.

Apparantly they'll only be getting 3 or 4, and it's strictly first come, first served.

They have said that although they open at 10, there's staff there from about 9, and they'll let me in to buy one if I'm there...

I have visions of a queue at 830 of 5 people to buy 4 boxes...

The only other options are to preorder through Mail Order, and pay postage, or try an independent retailer.... I'd have thought that any GW store would be able to reserve them, and then get an alocation of boxes that meets this allocation + a couple for stock.

Anyone else got any thoughts