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Thread: Age of Sigmar style books to 40k in 2 years acc. to Hastings..

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    Age of Sigmar style books to 40k in 2 years acc. to Hastings..

    Buried in another thread, Hastings suggest Age of Sigmar style books is coming to 40k in two years...

    Quote Originally Posted by 75hastings69 View Post
    Also I think when the first releases of your new "game" are pretty much exactly the same model just armed slightly differently and released at a slow pace then any interest will diminish quickly. I think the problem is that many people thought GW were going to at least provide them with an alternative to WFB, what they've provided is beyond basic, and as such I think has alienated their existing customer base, and as we all know GW does no marketing especially as WD or whatever it's called this week is only in GW stores then how do they expect anyone that isn't already a GW customer to see the new "game"?? I think this is without doubt the most poorly executed plan GW have had to day, even worse than finescat! And I'm lead to believe 40k isn't safe either as I'm told that within the next 2 years codex will go the same way as the WFB army book, so I'm going to leap to the conclusion that it means 40k will change in a similar manner to what WFB did.
    (my emphasis)

    What do you guys think?

    Update from Hastings:

    Quote Originally Posted by 75hastings69 View Post
    The title of this thread doesn't really match up to what I've said. I have said I was told that Codexes (Codices? how the hell do you do the plural of Codex anyway???) would be gone within 2 years. That might mean the rules for each unit are included in the boxes/free on the net/wd etc. I do think that 40k rules will become more simplified, why? because GW don't want to focus on making games systems/rules anymore, they purely want to sell models. I do not doubt for one second that they (the main 40k rules) "COULD" become like AoS, but that is my personal opinion, and as I openly said that was me jumping to the conclusion based on how easily they destroyed their longest game world in favour of making more money. I think rather than being of any use at all this thread is purely scaremongering and misleading. The death of the codex doesn't mean the end of 40k, the death of the army book in WFB was because AoS had ALREADY killed WFB, and AoS had no place for army books.
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