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Thread: In Defense of the People that actually enjoy AOS

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    In Defense of the People that actually enjoy AOS

    I've seen some pretty bad insults thrown around here over the last few days, so please let me say this:

    While I personally consider AOS a failure as far as the game itself is concerned, I think there is an actual target audience out there that can and will enjoy the game, and everyone telling them they have the "wrong kind of fun" is not just wrong but also rude:

    1) The hobbyist: They like the models (or perhaps the fluff), it's what counts for them, the quality of the rules don't matter to them. Absolutely legitimate POV.

    2) The light-hearted fun guys: Doesn't take gaming too serious, likes what AOS has to offer: Quick, fast, over-the top entertainment, a game that requires less effort and thinking and is more a spectacle where all kinds of goofy things happen. If that's what you want and the price of the models doesn't discourage you, go ahead, absolutely legitimate!

    3) People that like to make up their own rules and scenarios. Who need or want a general framework and nothing more and will do the rest themselves - and enjoy it! Again, absolutely legitimate!

    4) Kids in general. Limited funds, unable to purchase whole armies, might own a hodgepodge of random models that they still want to use in their games; more willing than us to accept the idea that the guy who got a dragonlord on a mighty dragon for christmas has a distinct advantage now over other players that do not - when I was that age Magic was just becoming popular, and for a teenager it was pretty much buy to win - you had the cards you could afford, either from random boosters or from trades with your mates, and that was it.

    So yeah, before insulting AOS-likers as braindead GW-zombies, perhaps take the time to ask them what they like about the game and why the things that bother us so much don't really bother them.

    You know, there's always more than one side to each story.

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