Not a rage quit, I enjoy the game(8th and AoS) but a series of unfortunate events has stripped me of a willingness to play.

Over the last year or so I've sold off all my armies except my Bretonnians due to being poor.

One day my Brets took a tumble in the back of my car when I had to stop to avoid a car going the wrong way in traffic. I rebuilt them and repainted them and carried on. Then while I had them on a display board one of my cats managed to knock them off the table and I had to start over again. Such is life, I finished reassembling them two days ago and put them in the trunk of my car to go play yesterday. While I was inside grabbing a bottle of water I hear a thud, a moving truck had bumped my car doing what looked like no damage at all, but hen I opened the trunk my army case was flung open and lance bits and hose heads were strewn all over. So I think for a while at least my warhammer life is over.

Please feel free to share stories of calamity your armies have been through, I'd like to hear if anyone else has had similar or worse luck with an army.