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Thread: AoS or WHFB in GW stores. Older editions allowed?

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    AoS or WHFB in GW stores. Older editions allowed?

    So, now some time has passed and AoS, at least for the moment, is officially the current fantasy game GW is offering. (whether it's just a new edition or a new game all together is irrelevant for this thread)

    I've heard very differing reports on how various GW stores handle older editions. Some report not being allowed to play WHFB 8th edition after the AoS release. Others say they've always been able to play any GW game; even those discontinued a long time ago such as BloodBowl and Necromunda.

    How's the policy of the GW store you frequent? Does anyone know whether there has been some central edict issued concerning this or are managers totally free to make their own decision?

    (The topic only concerns GW stores (or Warhammer Stores as some are now re-branded as), as I would assume any independent/FLGS would at least allow gaming of anything they sell miniatures for. )
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