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Thread: Adeptus Mechanicus in Space Hulk?

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    Re: Adeptus Mechanicus in Space Hulk?

    I'm not aware of rules for AM's, so you may have to DIY. If you Google up the rules for Tyranid Attack, it uses similar die roll stats as Space Hulk. With a power level reset so that Marine Scouts are the norm (2D6 for both shooting and h2h). So, the median value for lesser creatures does not run up against the limits of a D6 based game. It's a tiny bit more work to make your own values, but probably more satisfying in the long run. Oh, and don't tell anyone, but when I play lot's of scrubs on both sides that can all fire and fight (say, IG and Orks), I really simplify the game. I go all in on Tyranid Attack. No facing, all around Line of Sight. Actions, instead of Action Points. Simple Overwatch rule. IG fire/fight = 2D6/1D6, Orks= 1D6/2D6. I still loves me some Space Hulk, but for tons of scrubs, TA rules are fast and furious, and fun.
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