I feel like there must be more people like me, chomping at the bit, wondering why Games Workshop didn't advance the story within the setting as opposed to killing the setting, so I wanted to open the floor to anyone with ideas (or have someone tell me that an unofficial 9th edition fluff is already being worked on).
Probably...because they put themselve into a corner, I mean you cant advance the settting without coming with the damn apocalypse, its the event they have been bulding out from the first edition pretty much, the diferent between this and WH40K is that there a least have a working shot againts chaos, here? not so much, so ether chaos wins or you just disapoint everyone else.

Also GW built a complex but quite fragil status quo that can break in anytime: If malekith dies them the whole dark elves who to hell, but at the same time they cant win ulthuan or the high elfs are screw, skaven have wipeout most of the faction...but they never do because plot reasons and so one

I'd like to go back to Storm of Chaos as an example -- initially meant to be a chaos victory, Games Workshop's fan-input project bit them in the ass and they were forced to come up with ways to push the plot forward, after the End Times. Tragic events like Valten's assassination, despite his triumph at Middenheim, always stuck out to me as good ways to push forward, kill off heroes, and make room for new ones. If you were to push the Warhammer Fantasy timeline forward between 10 and 30 years, what would you like to see in a 9th Edition?
Except the only kill the new chararter(and even that as nurgle and slaanesh champion end doing nothing) and many feel cheat it(not for nothing people call the "breeze of chaos" for how the status quo remains) as some rulebooks and novels show...nothing change THAT much thanks to storm of chaos.

Also Valten is dull as hell.

Bottom line, Nagash is the second greatest threat to the world, second only to Chaos. Keeping him in a 9E is a mistake as having someone that big around means that he should be doing something fitting of his status as the Number Two Big Bad
Indeed, it you dont take care of Nagash them he will be Sauron, just without the annoying hobbits

I was thinking we should contrive some way for big-bads like him and Archaon to have been killed off (though still wreaking **** tons of havoc prior to their deaths) before the beginning of 9th Edition. Perhaps they could even kill each other, the Everchosen's conquest only averted because a being as strong as Nagash was too arrogant and power-hungry to let anyone else conquer the world. And it ironically makes Nagash "the hero" in a funny way. Similar to how Grimgor bitch-slapped Archaon in Storm of Chaos, but not quite as silly and out-of-left-field. What'cha think?
So...you will kill the biggest evils to the setting to continue? I dont want to be rude but have GW done that and nobody will forgive them about it, a least they bring him back for age of sigmar.

But for the sake of this thread I going to said josh reynold come with very intersting AU scenarios, here is a bunch

As you see he is been ask this...a lot actually, it make help you bulding your 9 edition