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    Re: Workshop Unofficial 9th Edition Fluff?

    Kill Karl Franz off. Kill him off. Make him die against Archaon, his death stopping the tides of Chaos. Enough with this "best statesman in history since Sigmar" thing. He had his run, he saved us all, now he's dead. Better even, make him die of natural causes; without an heir or a closest of kin to be a suitable next Emperor, **** will go down south fast. Remember when they brought Volkmar back and made it seem like the Empire would go through a religious civil war?

    We can also, this way, see nicer and newer minis for Boris Todbringer or Valmir von Raukov, two of the most kickass and least attended to Elector Counts in the Empire. We can make them bigger and better because each of the new Three (or Four) Emperors have their own reason to become Emperor. To protect the Empire, to make it wealthier and prepare against the next tide, to unite all the Old World under a new regimer, or maybe to make the Empire a magocracy (is that the right word?) because no better defense against Chaos than Chaos itself. Gelt Emperor? His golden pointy face would look nice indeed on the dimes.

    With Karl Franz dead and Archaon disgraced, we can have a less apocalyptic (less, not devoid of it) scenario where the Empire is divided again, Bretonnia goes through some "La Morte d'Artur" crisis, Estalia is mostly overrun by Skavens (I like the idea), and Tilea is finally coming out of their geographic closet and attacking their neighbors, including Solland and Wissenland.

    I'd love to see Borgio besieging Nuln. Or a model for countess Emmanuel von Liebowitz. Or new Imperial goddamn knights, we've been waiting for 20 years!

    Anyway, they could have worked with it in some way, in some "the world's at the brink of destruction but we can avoid it with magical shenanigans" way. Teclis, Gelt, Alarielle and all the other Avengers could have stopped it while Karl Franz became Sigmar reborn and killed Archaon, or maybe Archaon was trying to kill Chaos itself, I don't know. I'd like Archaon (or his buddie Abaddon) to be more than just your everyday superbad villain, but hey, this is a toy industry after all...
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