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Thread: Workshop Unofficial 9th Edition Fluff?

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    Workshop Unofficial 9th Edition Fluff?

    Hey! I'm new! I finally decided to join Warseer after years of visiting after I realized the miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy were being discontinued. It made me sad enough to seek fellow haters of Age of Sigmar and lovers of the Fantasy Fluff (as the books were what initially got me into this world before a GW store was near enough for me to buy models/play regularly). So, if I commit any forum faux pas, please let me know!

    I noticed over on General Discussion that there are some unofficial 9th Edition rules being worked on by fans, but I was wondering if the body of lore-buff, fluff-loving Warseer residents had any interest in getting a workshop going for 9th Edition fluff: moving the plot forward in a way that doesn't involve a poorly written apocalypse followed by Sigmar creating Yggdrassil (essentially). I feel like there must be more people like me, chomping at the bit, wondering why Games Workshop didn't advance the story within the setting as opposed to killing the setting, so I wanted to open the floor to anyone with ideas (or have someone tell me that an unofficial 9th edition fluff is already being worked on).

    If you were to push the Warhammer Fantasy timeline forward between 10 and 30 years, what would you like to see in a 9th Edition?

    Personally, I think incorporating parts of End Times would be useful. Not a big fan of the whole "incarnates" deal, but I can be convinced.

    Edit: Big thanks to Razios for providing some quotes from Josh Reynolds about an Alternate Timeline in which Chaos fails. Going to post three of the most important links here, but all of the links are in Razios' post below:

    To add to Reynold's points, I'd say don't have the cultures of Tilea, Estalia, and Araby get totally obliterated. Some hold outs survive against the Skaven onslaught, especially with the Skaven ultimately failing. But what I imagine would be interesting is expanding the strength of Bretonnia with an Errantry War into Estalia and Tilea, which can also fall nicely in line with some historical events in how the French came to dominante Basque (north/east) regions of Spain and Piedmont/Savoy (north-east region of Italy). Bretonnian noblemen going on crusade into the rat-infested warrens and declaring themselves the new kings/princes of ruined cities with Tilean and Estalian populations, much to the local's chagrin. I still prefer the idea of Nagash and Archaon taking each other out over the incarnates, but if people really don't like it, I can be convinced.

    Below, I'll be cataloguing some of the ideas that have been pitched:

    The Empire
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The Empire.jpg 
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Name:	Bretonnia.jpg 
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Name:	Epic_Winged_Hussar.jpg 
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Name:	Knights of the Blazing Sun.jpg 
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Name:	Dogs of War.jpg 
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    The Lizardmen:
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Name:	Lizardmen.jpg 
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ID:	218488

    Vampire Counts:


    Proposed Point of Divergence:

    That's two factions and one culture. I could use help from Dwarf, Orc, Vampire, Elf experts for other ideas.

    Map of the Old World, for anyone who needs a frame of reference:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bretonnia.jpg 
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Name:	Map of the Empire.jpg 
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