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Thread: Rules Modifications/Recommendations AOS

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    Rules Modifications/Recommendations AOS

    Attached is doc outlining some of my recommended rules' changes required to play AOS.
    It's up to you to accept, modify or reject these recommendations. The main idea is to be aware that some rules are incomplete, erroneous or require an interpretation.

    I have also completed a Tactica for AOS and a Points System for AOS which appear in the Tactics and General Forums respectively.

    Please have a look as I am doing this for a cancer charity.
    If you find any of these attachments to be useful and would like to contribute, the link to the cancer charity is shown below.
    Just in case you're uncertain about a reasonable donation ,2 would be a good sum.

    Moderators - please consult Wintermute if you are uncertain about this thread

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    1) Warhammer Tactica 8 - 298 pages of unique tactics. Available on Kindle or a better copy direct from me
    2) AOS Points system and AOS Tactics also available from me

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