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    The 9th Age Battle Reports

    After the AoS fiasco, my gaming group, like many of your groups, gathered together with a tough decision to make: What gaming system do we want to play.

    AoS.... was not for us, so we decided to soldier on with 8th edition for awhile. That and I got voted to be our group's videographer. I don't even remember volunteering for the job, but here I am. Anyway, we tested out a few rules changes, but then we happened upon The 9th Age and we've been rocking out ever since.

    I'll keep updating this as I post more videos, so let me know what you think since I'm always looking to get better:

    1. Ogres vs Beastmen
    Big Fat takes on Triple T in an 8th edition battle where we laugh at how bad I am.

    2. Dark Elves vs Orcs and Goblins
    More 8th Edition action where Boned67 uses every unpainted model he owns, just to spite me, and calls out Martin van Buren and his Dark Elves.

    3. Ogres vs. Beastmen
    Yep, Beastmen again, but more different Beastmen led by WP Piglet! That and it's all Yhetee action for me. We also make the switch to The 9th Age Beta.

    4. Ogre Tribes vs. Vampire Covenants
    More 9th Age Beta action where my Yhetees and Thundertusk do actual work against Turkey Sub's VC.

    5. Ogre Tribes vs. Warriors of the Wastes
    Ack, the elderly decide to take me down a few pegs for our last game using The 9th Age Alpha. Next up: Beta rules!

    6. Ogre Khans vs. The Undying Dynasties
    To prove I'm not dead, I've got another Battle Report. This time against the undead..... which isn't me.
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