A little bit of background I think.

I've been painting miniatures for 26 years and gaming for almost as long. The advent of Age of Sigmar has forced me to think about where I want to go as a painter and gamer. The answer. Back to the 90's.

I promise that this isn't a (not quite) mid-life crisis.

This has led to some restructuring. My group has no intention of moving beyond 8th Ed, but by the same token, they don't want to leave 8th behind either. With this in mind I have thought about my armies and where they will stand.
My Elf armies will remain my only 8th Ed armies and as such I'll continue to maintain my Elf plog.
My Chaos army will be rebuilt with 4th Ed in mind. I'll be leaving my Chaos Plog to die and moving my progress over to this new plog.
Some of you may have seen my Chaos Dwarf plog. This will continue to be separate and updated as and when necessary.


After collecting all of the 4th Ed boxed sets and army books (I was very, very lucky in that I got the Chaos box, Battle Magic and Arcane Magic with all of the cards still unpunched) and I have played a few games, I am more enthusiastic about my hobby than I have been for a long time.

This plog will focus on my Chaos, Bretonnian, Dwarf, Empire, Skaven, Orc & Goblin and Undead armies.

Yes, that's right.

Finally, before I get to the pictures, I have to say that this will not be all retro miniatures. Some, the ones I like, will be more current. However, there will be plenty of stuff from 4th and 5th edition and in some cases, even earlier.

Hope you like what you see