It was another sodden day, rains and winds driving the northerners along the muddy forest road. The road from Middenheim had been long and hard, but finally, the forest gave way to tilled fields and cleared land, pocked with farms or small hamlets. Or at least there had been. Now the farmhouses were ruined, the fields abandoned and those few hamlets that still stood, was behind palisades, foreboding and grim. And beyond the barren farmlands, under a seemingly eternal pall of dust and smoke reared the ruined and broken towers and gables of a vast city: Mordheim. They paused on a small hillock, at the edge of the woodlands. Hartz was the first to speak: "Ulrics' hairy ****, that looks bad". "I 'eard that!" Wolfram scowled at the impious mercenary. Mannfred Schwarzhaupt patted the Priest of Ulric on the shoulder. "Forget him, there'll be plenty of time to scold him when we're rich off all the Wyrdstone that awaits us!". The motley group of wolfpelted warriors began the descent.

Mannfred Schwarzhaupt is the intrepid leader of the Middenheimer ruffians known as the Fangs of the Fauschlag. After news of the disaster at Mordheim spread, Mannfred and his warriors heeded the call of wealth and renown, for Ulric and profit!

Heinz Scwarzhaupt is the older brother of Mannfred, but without his younger siblings charisma or guile. Content to fight and drink, he wasn't hard to convince on the merits of an expedition to the City of the Damned

Wolfram von Immelscheld has accompanied the Schwarzhaupt-brothers on their expedition in order to ensure that Ulric gets his due. An old accomplice of the mercenaries, Wolfram is no stranger to the carnage and turmoil that besets the Empire in these dark times.

Middenland is full of impressionable young men, eager to earn glory and wealth beyond their station, and Ilmer Frieser is one of these poor, wayward men. A novice of the world, the journey to Mordheim has left him somewhat more wary of the many temptations that assails the traveller, and doubly so of gambling with his fellow mercenaries.

Rainers' Wolfpack are seasoned fighters, avowed to the service of Ulric and coin, having fought alongside the Schwarzhaupt-brothers numerous times. Their de facto leader, Rainer Wolfschanze is an accomplished swordsman and quite a bit more cunning and conniving than he usually lets on.

Hartz Grüber is a hoary veteran, having bashed the skulls of Beastmen, Orcs, Reiklanders and any one else who've opposed the Middenland armies for close to two decades. Never one to rest easy, the call of Mordheim found a willing listener in Hartz.

So, I've returned to Mordheim! One of the greatest games ever put out by GW, I found it quite easy to drop all pretensions of working on any full-sized armies for the time being, and with the Age of Sigmar pummelling us all with its mediocrity, I figured a band of roughshod Ulricans would be just the thing to keep my frustrations at bay. More to come, including more Middenheimers, my Orc Warband, and quite possibly two(!) distinctly different Skaven Warbands.