So I've talked to quite a few people here in Southern Ontario, Canada, and for the most part it seems that AoS is a flop. Although some people I guess are buying and selling it, overall most people I know who are retailers and players have given up on AoS.

However, I post a statement like this online and some people think I'm crazy! They're telling me AoS is doing super well selling like hot cakes, etc. etc.

The trend I'm noticing is it's geographical. It seems to me that in the UK AoS is doing great and is quite popular, however anyone else I speak to who lives anywhere else in the world says it's not doing well.

So I'm asking you Warseer, where do you live and how is AoS doing?

BTW, this is not an "Is AoS a good game or bad game" thread, I'm stictly asking for your geographical location and a quick blurb on how AoS is doing in your gaming community.