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I think that the real problem was that most GW gamers live in a world by themselves with little or no experience with the vast array of other miniatues rules sets or the long history of wargaming.

As a longtime wargamer I loved 3rd edition the moment I saw it. Good lord, GW finally published a real wargame. I went out and bought several boxes of Imperial Guard & Space Marines and stated painting; by the time I had painted a small percentage of them (I paint slowly) the game was pretty much dead.

That's a bit too wide of a generalization.

My background is in historical miniatures and games before ever coming to GW. The epic40k rules left me cold. Abstraction in all the wrong places in my view. I wasn't alone it that appreciation, much less unique in my background. Quite a few gamers I have met liked GW's epic offering prior to epic40k. They still do, even with the benefit of hindsight.

Of course the games horrible marketing, presentation and support had a lot to do with its demise. So I would not lay its shortcomings as a game solely on the nature of its rules. GW did this game no favors, the outcome is no surprise to me.

I play epic for the 40k atmosphere. The rules MUST recreate that. Otherwise there are much better designed 6mm generic rule sets out there (DSII, FWC, etc) that I would use for that type of game.