I just want to say for starters, I like what I'm seeing so far. The models are awesome, the rules are looking solid, and I've already came up with a rough draft of what is go in my new list. With all that said, let's go over a few things.

First off: the Stormsurge. Now, I know there's some hate towards this guy. The only beef I have with it is the pt value. I understand the amount of weapons it has, but @ T6, 3+ armor, and the usual Tau stats, this thing should have been around wraithknight pts (honestly, the wraithknight should be, pts wise, where the storm is at). Other than that, it's a pretty strong unit. With 4 weapon systems, 8 wounds, and 2 nasty main guns to pick, this guy will definitely be a force to be reckoned with, especially with when this is, so far, the only lord of war that can be taken in squads. This guy already has a spot in my list and I can't wait to use him.

Next up is the ghostkeel. This guy's interesting because it's bringing plenty of stealth and some nasty weaponry to bear. I'm not planning on getting one yet, but when I do, I'm going all fusion on it. I'm not sure if I'm doing the ion weapon or not. I would have to do up another list and see what I come up with to justify taking it. The thing that hurts it the most is its T5, IMO, but not as much S10 out there (unless you're playing Eldar then it's S D and lots of it). Again, I'm not getting it now, but will get it after the codex hits.

I think, so far, my favorite piece of news has been about the breacher teams. Not supporting fire is bad, but considering if you need to get your objective secured units more towards the frontline, you eitherlose supporting fire outside of 6'' or it's not as powerful with the lack of punch behind it. Enter the breachers. First off, their guns are, for all intents and purposes, shotguns, the Tau version anyway. Between 5-15" there not too bad, but under that 5" mark, that's where the real fun is at. With S6, AP3, and assault 2 at your disposal from that range, you make power armor guys think twice before jumping in after them. To add to it, you add the guardian drone you have a 5++ so long you the power field amplifier. I've got plans for these guys for sure. I'm just not looking forward to paying $50 a box to get them. Oh well. We all have to make sacrifices to the Greater Good I suppose.

Other than the new Crisis and Commander suits (which all look awesome), I don't have much else to say. Again, I think everything I listed on here will be solid. I'll have my overall thoughts when the codex hits. Let's here what you guys have to say. For the Greater Good!