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Thread: Zogoth's try at Bolt Action.

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    Zogoth's try at Bolt Action.

    Time to try something new.

    I have been into the tabletop-gaming since the days of Rouge trader, and mainly WHFB since the release of 4th edition. I really liked the universe and atmosphere in the old world, so I never really looked for anything else, even though I have a few blood bowl teams and a couple of armies for warmaster as well.

    But, now, with the destruction of the world I liked, I've been looking at alternatives, and being interested in history, I'm jumping into that ocean of possibilities.

    I ended up with Bolt Action, since I don't need a huge amount of miniatures, quick gameplay from what I've understood and not the least an enormous number of different campaigns/theatres and so on to choose from.

    So what “fraction” should I start with?
    As my situation is at the moment, I'm actually aiming to paint forces for both sides of a conflict, as that will make my gaming opportunities much higher. I have a couple of friends who most likely would enjoy an evening of a few games and beers, but who isn't really interested enough to buy and paint models.
    I have always been fascinated by the war in northafrica, two opponents with a distinct appearance, colourful commanders and so on. So northafrica it is, mid/late part mainly for the possibility to include a tiger tank in the future.

    So here are my first models. As a long-time WHFB player, my first purchases quite naturally became a tank for each side.

    For my allied side, I'm going with the British, the choice fell on an M3 Grant, based on not much other than looks, I like the “odd” look of it.

    There is still a bit left to do, but let's say that it's 90% done at least. Surprisingly fun to paint the camouflage.

    And in the opposing corner, Lt. Grüber und his little tank, a Panzer III ausf. L.
    This model is just basecoated more or less, but I'll put it in just to flesh this post out a bit.

    Lt. Grüber.

    Und his little tank.

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