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    ***UPDATED 12/29/2017*** Found ALL my old pics and added them to the Google Pics album and updated (Added Back) the Photos from this Project and my Death Guard and Night Lords logs

    Here is the NEW link to my complete KHORNE DAEMONKIN / World Eaters Plog Pictures Album in Google Photos 73 Pictures and counting...

    In a nutshell I love the Age of Sigmar Khorne models and Forge Worlds World Eater models so I am going to take a stab at making a Khorne Daemonkin Army using bits from Normal 40K Khorne Berzerkers, Various ForgeWorld World Eater kits, and the Age of Sigmar Models. I have a really cool concept for my new version of Berzerkers not just AoS models swith bolt guns and CSM backpacks. I am also working on a nice variety of unique Khorne Berzerker heads.

    SO here is a rundown on what I have planned / on the bench

    Custom Berzerkers like the one in my next post below - ALL my dedicated Khorne Berzerkers will be like this and champions on regular Chaos Space Marines squads with Mark of Khorne will be like this too ...and I will be magnetizing several parts

    Regular CSM Khorne Berzerkers - will represent Regular CSM with Mark of Khorne and the Champs will be my custom Khorne Berzerkers

    Chaos Space Marine Khorne Lord on a Juggernaught magnetized with various weapon options

    Updated w/ new Plastic bits Classic metal Bloodthirster (Not the really old one just the one that was out before the new plastic one) I am using this model with some of the new models plastic bits because its stature is smaller and thus less of a damn target instead of the jumping high up in the air yelling shoot me first.

    Flesh hounds!

    Khorne Bikers!...Champions in these squads will also get custom treatment.

    Khorne Daemonkin Skullkeep/Bastion (Using Dreadhold and 40K Bastion parts to make this happen)

    Khorne Daemonkin Dreadnaught/Hellbrute I had a ForgeWorld World Eater Dreadnaught body that I made a custom head for and was using the Classic Metal Chaos Space Marine Dreadnaught legs with it. I am thinking I will ultimately end up making both a Khorneate Dreadnaught and a Hellbrute because I don't want to abandon the work already done with the old model. And I am thinking a maybe a Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought model to start with for a Khorne Daemonkin version too....damn I just talked myself into doing ALL 3
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